Lightning Protection Systems

The Hobbs Group offers a complete and comprehensive line of the world's finest lightning protection products to cover every type of lightning protection and grounding application. All products are U.L. listed.

Your investment in a Certified Lightning Protection System will protect your family, property, and equipment.  In addition to structural protection, The Hobbs Group incorporates surge arrestors and suppressors into their protection systems to protect your electronics and software systems from harmful lightning strikes.

Lightning Protection

According to the National Severe Storm Laboratory, lightning is the most dangerous and frequently encountered weather hazard that most people experience each year.

Systems of Protection

More and more homeowners are becoming aware of the need to protect their family, home, and property from a lightning encounter. Educated consumer demands are being met by highly skilled and trained lightning protection professionals designing, installing, and certifying state-of-the-art lightning protection systems for the home.

How it Works

Lightning Protection is designed for two objectives. A lightning protection system shields a home and provides a direct path to the ground for the lightning current to flow. It must also prevent damage to the home as the current flows through the system. Lightning protection systems keep homeowners and their property safe from lightning.


Thunderstorms: A Ground / Air Interaction

Thunderstorms result from the powerful clash between cold and warm weather air masses. A cloud to ground lightning strike begins as an invisible channel of electrically charged ions moves from the cloud toward the ground. When one channel nears and object on the ground, a powerful surge of ions from the ground moves upward toward the cloud and produces the visible lightning strike. This interchange of oppositely charged ions from cloud to ground results in lightning striking buildings, chimneys, trees, people, and their pets as these charges try to meet.

A lightning protection system is designed to control or force the discharge onto a specific path, thereby eliminating the chance of the fire or explosion within non-conductive parts or the house such as those made of wood, brick, tile, etc. A lightning protection system neither attracts, repels, nor prevents a lightning strike. The lightning protection system simply provides a safe path for the lightning current to follow - allowing the harmful current to be guided safely into the ground and away from your home.

Each year thousands of homes and other properties are destroyed or damaged by lightning strikes.  Unprotected homes risk the possibility of damage by fire, explosions, or electrical surges, and pose a safety hazard to occupants.  The effects of a lightning strike can be both physically and emotionally devastating.


Lightning Facts

A single bolt of electricity can carry over 30 million volts of electricity?

1. Lightning is a frequent peril, often topping the list of all homeowners insurance claims (25% of all claims)!

2. Lightning accounts for more than one billion dollars annually in structural damage to buildings in the U.S.

3. Lightning can rip through roofs, explode brick and concrete, and ignite fires.  Roofs, sidewalks, framing, and electrical wires are the areas most ignited by lightning fires. 


Hobbs Group Experience

With 30 years of experience, The Hobbs Group has the expertise to design, supply, and install certified residential and commercial lightning protection systems.  Located in Alabama, The Hobbs Group provides lightning protection services throughout the entire Southeastern United States, including Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, and Tennessee. 

The Hobbs Group is your single source for all your lightning protection needs!