Commercial Lightning Protection Systems

Each year millions of dollars are spent by businesses to replace inventory, repair damage, and recover losses due to lightning strikes.  Most contemporary buildings are vulnerable to damage resulting from a lightning strike.  The uniqueness of architecture demands that every commercial lightning protection system be custom designed to ensure proper protection.  At The Hobbs Group, we specialize in designing effective custom commercial lightning protection systems.

Commercial Grade Lightning Protection

Investing in a commercial grade lightning protection system for your commercial or industrial facility will protect your organization's investments in property and equipment.  To ensure complete protection from the associated electrical surge found with lightning strikes, The Hobbs Group also incorporates surge arrestors and suppressors into the protection package. This additional measure will protect the electronics and software systems from damage as well.   By combining the structural protection with surge protection to minimize damage, The Hobbs Group provides you with the highest level of protection from lightning damage.

Lightning Facts:

Industrial parks, manufacturing plants, churches, schools, banking centers, hospitals, sports complexes, corporate centers all benefit from certified lightning protection systems!

1.  Lightning is the leading cause of church fires (30.2%) in the United States.

2.  Between three and five percent of all commercial insurance claims are lightning related.


Commercial Lightning Protection Diagram

commercial lightning protection

Diagram courtesy of Underwriters Laboratory.

Hobbs Group: Certified Installation Professionals

Lightning Protection System installation is considered to be a specialized industry governed by strict standards and installation codes. To ensure that your business is protected correctly, contact the certified and licensed lightning protection specialists at the Hobbs Group. With 30 years of expertise, The Hobbs Group can design a commercial lighting protection system that protects your facilities from harmful lightning strikes and power surges!