Residential Lightning Protection Systems

According to the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), lightning is responsible for several hundred million dollars in damages to property annually!  All of the loses could have easily prevented by installing a certified residential lightning protection system! 

Lightning Protection

Researchers simulated the effects of lightning on structures with, and without, lightning protection.  After performing their experiements, the researchers concluded that a properly designed, installed, and grounded lightning rod protection system provides safe, effective, and reliable protection to residential structures.

Lightning Facts

Lightning rods work by receiving the lightning stroke and discharging it quickly and harmlessly to the ground.  A lightning protection system is so effective at dissipating the stroke to the ground that occupants in the protected home that most residents don't even know that their home was struck by lightning!

Is Your Home at Risk?

Today's high tech electronic equipment such as microwaves, computers, televisions, and other "everyday life" devices are particularly sensitive to electronic surges produced by lightning.  If a lightning bolt was to strike a home without lightning protection, there would be thousands of dollars of damage in just electronic devices alone!

Protect Your Home

A residential lightning protection system is designed to control, or divert, the force of the electrical current onto a specified path in order to eliminate the chance of fire or explosion.  This is accomplished by strategically installing air terminals, conductors, ground rods, along with surge arrestors and suppressors. The placement and usage of these devices is crucial to the successful protection of your home! Drawing on their years of experience providing lightning protection, The Hobbs Group can design a complete lightning protection system to ensure your home's safety from damaging lightning.

Home Protection Diagram

residential lightning protection

Diagram courtesy of Underwriters Laboratory.

Hobbs Group: Certified Installation Professionals

Lightning Protection System installation is considered to be a specialized industry governed by strict standards and installation codes. To ensure that your home is protected correctly, contact the certified and licensed lightning protection specialists at the Hobbs Group. With 30 years of expertise, The Hobbs Group has the expertise to protect your home from dangerous lightning strikes!